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Museums Tour of Dublin: Treasures of Ireland

This amazing tour uses Ireland’s artistic and literary wealth to explain the historical moments, traditions, wars, movements, and eras that have sculpted Ireland through the centuries. 

We’ll explore only the highlights of the National Gallery, National Library and National Museum, with a break half-way through. This cultural tour is designed to provide the right mix of variety and depth so that you remain engaged throughout the 3hrs. 

Consider those great cultural and artistic treasures that represent YOUR country’s history. If you’re American, think of:

  • Paintings like ‘Washington Crossing the Delaware’ and ‘American Gothic’ by Grant Wood,
  • Original manuscripts of Edgar Allan Poe and Walt Whitman,
  • And objects full of cultural symbolism like The Liberty Bell

This tour will show you their Irish equivalents:

  • Symbolic paintings representing the Norman Conquest of Ireland and the Irish Civil War
  • Re-ignite your admiration for poetry with an insight into the life and works of W.B. Yeats - Ireland’s Greatest Poet.
  • The Tara Brooch and the Ardagh Chalice are treasures that epitomise Ireland’s Golden Age (500-800AD).

And the best part of the tour? It’s the evocative explanations of how these pieces of art fit into the jigsaw puzzle that is Irish culture and history. Think of each piece as a word. The guide uses each word to tell a story that is insightful, emotive and special - The Story of Ireland.

Book now to find out why so many people have already called this tour the highlight of their Ireland trip.

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  • Admission to all museums is free of charge

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Outside National Gallery on Merrion Sq West
Merrion Square West, D2 Dublin, Ireland

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